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The World most amazing buildings

The World most amazing buildings

In the late 20th century many new concept was included in the compass of both Architecture and design. As it is transparent that Architectural works are perceived as cultural and political symbols and work of art. Many cities, regions and cultures continue to identify themselves with their architectural monuments around the world. Below are the most amazing building on the globe.

The most crazy buildings of the world – part 1

Whether you want to see the world’s most unusual exhibits, learn about the world’s most intriguing people, or see them all face to face, Branson’s famous Ripley’s Believe It or Not is the place for you! The building itself is one of the most photographed buildings in the world. Why? Because it is cracked. It was built this way to represent the strongest earthquake in the United States, which occurred in 1812 here in Missouri. Inside, you will find displays of the weird and unusual findings of Robert Ripley, who scoured the world for strange places, people and events. This is the one place in the world that you have to see to believe and sometimes still you don’t believe it. Go and see for yourself and dare to be a “believer”.

The Astra House – Hamburg, Germany

The Astra House building is actually a brewery in Hamburg, Germany. The floors can move up or down on it’s skinny column core. Although the unique building has been destroyed now. One of it’s more famous beer brands was recently bought by a big refreshment corporation. And that beer brand was called Astra.

Dancing House – Prague, Czech Republic

the design of the building looks very modern and becomes the controversial in its time. But Czech president, Václav Havel, really liked it and hope that this building will become the center of cultural activities will be. The building was named “Fred and Ginger”, which is the name of famous singers and dancers from the U.S for a glimpse of this building is similar to a pair of dancers.


One of the most prominent feature of this building is the main building structure that looks like five trapezoidal piles that ended with the tower which located on the top side of the building. the bedrooms in hotel looks like the branches of trees directly tied to the victim without the corridors and trapeziums are the units of the bedrooms in the hotel.

As a part of beautiful landscape, flower clock brings us pleasant feeling

A symbol of the Geneva, Switzerland, watch industry of world renown, the famous flower clock, located at the edge of the Jardin Anglais (English Garden), was created in 1955. It is a masterpiece of technology and floral art. The Flower Clock is the pride and glory of the city, honouring the importance of the watchmaking industry as well as the skilfulness of its gardening team. It changes every year to accommodate the seasonal colours and requires around 6500 flowers, trimmed to the millimetre by horticultural specialists. Formerly only decorative with its sole dial comprising over 6,500 flowers, the new millennium provided it with decisive artistic dimensions thanks to the ingenuity of the gardeners of the Service of Green Spaces and the Environment.

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