Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Sagrada Família, Barcelona

Visionary Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí spent more than 40 years of his life on this glorious, chaotically complex, and still unfinished Gothic-Art Nouveau cathedral. After his untimely death in 1926 (he was hit by a streetcar), his associates continued his sculptural masterwork, and despite the fact that the original drawings were destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, construction continues today. Completion is scheduled for sometime between 2017 and 2026.

Tower, Egg , Sang Buildings

Anara Tower, arguably the most beautiful building in the world

Dubai is already housing some of the most fascinating skyscrapers ever built on our planet. Be it Burj Dubai or Burj Al Arab, all the skyscrapers built in this part of the world are the best ever built by anyone. Here is another skyscraper, which too like some others in Dubai, will be ranked among the tallest man-made structures on Earth. Called the Anara Tower, it’s scheduled to be built next year.
Tameer unveils design of 'Anara' after intensive global design competition. Leading realty developer, Tameer Holding, will be unveiling the design of its 600 meter-plus, Sheikh Zayed Road skyscraper during this year's Cityscape in Dubai, following an intensive global design competition that brought several global offices of design firm, Atkins into competition against each other for the privilege of designing the landmark project.