Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dubai Towers

Dubai's Towers

Dubai is a fast growing city: strategic position, low tax rate and high degree of freedom are the key for the area expansion.Emirates Towers

It seems that the local leadership would transform Dubai in a sort of midpoint between Hong Kong and Montecarlo.

High degree of freedom, especially compared to other neighboring countries (even of United Emirates), make easy and comfortable for western and Asiatic people trading and living in Dubai.

Low tax rate is important key to attract capitals and trade business.

Being located on the Gulf area, it becomes a favorite access door for the Middle East area, Iraq included.
Towers of Dubai
All of that make Dubai a melting pot of races and cultures.

There are, too, nearby an high number of well-to-do people, a number of immigrates that lead a poor life with few rights: echoes of this problem can be found also on the local newspapers.

Fast growing is the impression that the high number of tower being building give to the visitor.
The photos of this page were taken quite a year ago during a business travel of few days. There weren't time to spare: most of the photos were taken from inside a taxi!

Visit in this way Dubai, I got the feeling of untrue, the impression of a sort of a "plastic" city: the high glasses tower, the plane spaces and the few contact with city true life might yielded this sense.

Photos, as are finally produced, may yield this sense of untrue….

Other towers and place of Dubai are interesting and famous as or more than the ones shown here.

Waiting for other Dubai's glimpses…..

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