Friday, September 2, 2011

The most important monuments in Lyon

This ancient amphitheatre is one of the most important monuments in Lyon and every tourist wants to visit this place. Believed to be built around 19 AD under King Tiberius, an inscription found in 1958 is can be seen in the Gallo-Roman Museum. The amphitheatre was meant for entertainment, special sports activity such as Gladiator fights, federal activities and many other social purposes. It was originally built for staging and tragic fights and plays and it had a capacity of approx 11,500 people. This amphitheatre was also used for early martyrs as sacrificial site.
Fort Saint-Jean (Rue de la Poudrière)
It is an old and beautiful fort built in 1660 by Louis XIV in Marseille. This fort was used as a prison during the French Revolution. This fort guards the entrance of the port and we can see another fort on the other side as well. This fortification was done mainly to protect the old town. There are regular exhibitions and visits to the Roy Rene tower now a days.
Jardin archeologique St-Jean (Rue Mandelot)
This is an old church built around 4th century (early Christian era) and it was uncovered during the excavations work done between 1973 – 1977. One of the oldest parts of the Church building is Manécanterie.
Parc archeologique de Fourviere (rue Cléberg)
This monumental building called Fourvière hill is favourite for all tourists. Various archeological remains have been found in the past and the park near the Gallo Roman Museum has Odeon theatre as well. It is believed that many treasures have been found on this spot and has been a refuse for many years now.
Place Antonin Poncet (Quai de docteur Gailleton)
Place Antonin Poncet is a beautiful public square tucked between place Bellecour and the Rhone banks, which is a new addition to the Lyon’s urbanisation. This park has lot of greenery, benches and water fountains. In 1934 Hospital de la Charite was demolished to make the building of the post office.
Place Bellecour (Lyon Center exit)
There are few Royal Squares left in France and Place Bellecour is one of them. The statue of Desjardins erected in 1691 was destroyed during French Revolution that took at this square. The statue of Louis XIV was made by sculptor Lemot in 1828. This square is huge measuring 310 by 200 meters. Various rallies or public demonstrations start from this square.
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